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Momu is J.D. Moyer (the MO, aka Jondi of Jondi & Spesh) and Mark Musselman (the MU). In 2001 their first EP "This Is Momu" on Loöq Records announced a fusion style of breakbeat that pulled elements from progressive house, funky electro, and a new landscape of straight-up weirdness. A series of seminal releases including "Sunsicle" (Bedrock Breaks), and "Bring It On Back" (Spundae Records) helped define an emerging genre that eventually became known as progressive breaks.

Momu's soaring breaks track "The Dive" was championed by Nick Warren (on Global Underground's "Reykjavik"). Director Kia Simon created a music video that won numerous artistic awards as well as introducing Momu to the MTV audience (Momu tracks can still be heard in many MTV shows). During this same time Momu released a flurry of original tracks and remixes on Kubist, 3Beat Breaks, Bedrock Breaks, Functional Breaks, Sabotage Systems, nu-Republic, Spundae Records, and Loöq Records, receiving support and admiration from the world's top DJ's including John Digweed, Sasha, Annie Nightingale, James Zabiela, DJ Hyper, Adam Freeland, Ashley Casselle, Lee Burridge, Cass, Jonathan Lisle, Hernan Cattaneo, DJ19, Pako & Frederik, and Hybrid.

In 2006 Momu released their debut self-titled album to stunning critical acclaim. M8 Magazine said "you'll struggle to find anything as perfectly formed as this collection from breakbeat visionaries Momu." DJ Mag callled the album a "sophisticated brew ... they fuse their breaks with ethereal textures that conjure natural landscapes." Spill Magazine opined "An absolutely cracking album from start to finish, there's not even a whiff of disappointment in this longplayer." The album did exceptionally well commercially too, scoring licensing deals for the US's most popular TV show "CSI", and the world's biggest video game at the time "Dance Dance Revolution."

2008 brought the release of Momu's follow-up album "Momentum." Unfettered by anything except the breakbeat form itself, Momu has always fearlessly experimented, often dangerously veering either in front of or off to the side of mainstream styles. "Momentum" is no exception, flirting with a pop format in tracks like "Window" and "Truckin" but also including math-nerd experimentation with the fibonacci sequence (both rhythmically and tonally) in "Just Listen", layered minimalistic ultra-high frequency melodic lines in "X500", and a 5/4 meter breakbeat layered over a 4/4 bassline in the (digital version only) bonus track "Indeed". "Momentum" also brings back Momu's favorite vocalist Alysoun Quinby (featured on Momu's hit "The Dive") on many tracks (and the album cover). Bassist J-Bone complements the electronic dimension with live instrumentation and tight funk lines on several tracks. Momu may have broken the "progressive-breaks" mold it helped create - this new album is much more playful and uplifting than the genre may allow - but Momu's signature sonic weirdness, insanely high production values, and larger than life hooks are still front and center.

Momu's third artist album "Rising" was released on Loöq in late 2012, and quickly rose to #3 on Beatport's Chill-Out album list. "Rising" is a bold breakbeat manifesto, breaking away from both "party breaks" and "progressive breaks" and fusing a new signature style combining 60's jazz, 70's funk, 80's hip-hop and dub, 90's synth pop, 00's glitch, and new sounds stolen from the future.

Momu’s new album “The Mission” (2015, Loöq Records) is an aural criticism of the radical changes taking place in San Francisco. With breakbeats, analog synths, and digital sculpting, Momu creates sounds both beautiful and dissonant, raising a playful middle finger to Silicon Valley while also celebrating the city’s history and idiosyncrasies. With this latest crop of studio work Momu has taken a universe of broken beat traditions, exploded them far and wide, then reformed the beats and pieces into new orders and juxtapositions. Aggressive bursts alternate seamlessly with tender moments, jiggly funk, hip hop instrumentals, and soaring vocals. Other traditions are introduced. Brief instances appear through the kaleidoscope - 90’s British hardcore, 60’s psychedelia, trap, ambient electronic. There’s a dynamic range of another sort at work to be sure, and a start-to-finish listening experience to be had. It’s just what you would expect coming from the left coast’s own Momu.

"Momu are in top form"
- John Digweed

"Living Legends"
- Jonathan Lisle

"Musically great and brilliant production. Top music."
- Hernan Cattaneo

"Remarkable. Impeccable. Kinky."
- Jamie Stevens/Infusion

"Quality tripped out deepness"
- Adam Freeland



No String Attached/Low Tide Ride on Loöq Records
Other Side remixed by Zach DeVincent on Loöq Records
Burn Dem Out feat. Jah Teff on Loöq Records
multiple tracks on Loöq Records Top 15 of 2015 on Loöq Records
Remix of Clear the Skies by Marino Berardi on Hokkaido Snow Lounge 19Box Records
Sixth & Mission Dub Pack on Loöq Records
Sixth & Mission Remixes on Loöq Records
The Mission artist album on Loöq Records
Riders on the Storm remixed by Royal Sapien on Loöq Records Top 14 of 2014 on Loöq Records
Riders on the Storm (cover) on Loöq Records
From There To Here Volume 2 on Loöq Records
Remix of Dance With Me by L'Amour en Fuite on Loöq Records
Rising remixed by Issac on Loöq Records
multiple tracks on Loöq Records Top 12 of 2012 on Loöq Records
Rising on Loöq Records remixed by Lee Coombs, Lifecycle
Rising on Loöq Records remixed by JDubya, Den Jones
Comin' Up Alright on Loöq Records remixed by Emanate, JDubya, Tini Tun
Rising artist album on Loöq Records
multiple tracks on From There To Here Volume 2 on Loöq Records
Comin' Up Alright on Loöq House - Top 11 in 2011 on Loöq Records
Remix of Jamie Stevens The Night Before on Progressive Breaks Volume 2 on Armada Music
Sunsicle on Bedrock Classics Series 5 on Bedrock Music
Stax EP on Loöq Records
White Horse (cover) on Loöq Records
Space Pimp on Loöq Records remixed by Huggie, Rob Nutek, Methodrone
Remix of We Are Connected by Jondi & Spesh on Loöq Records
Remix of Gotta Leave Now by Infusion on Omnis
Sharken on Loöq Records remixed by Art Of Hot, Issac
Just Listen on Loöq Records remixed by Jan van Lier, Slow Poke
Truckin' on Loöq Records remixed by Jondi & Spesh, StereoK, Sean Nash, House of Stank, Yellowcake
Momentum EP Loöq Records remixed by Lifecycle, Pako & Frederik
Momentum artist album on Loöq Records
Window on Loöq Records remixed by Jondi & Spesh, Jason Knight, PQM
Remix of I Stole Your XBox by Yellowcake on Loöq Records
Remix of One Through Seven by Jan Van Lier on Loöq Records
Ayahuasca (with Brian Stillwater) on Polytechnic Recordings
Mavericks on Loöq Records remixed by Jeff Devas, The Decorators
Hydergine on Loöq Records remixed by Fretwell, Jondi & Spesh
Momu artist album on Loöq Records
Aduro on James Zabiela’s Alive mix on Renaissance
The Dive on NuRepublic with Luke Fair Remix
Remix of Brindavan by Digital Witchcraft on Proton Music
Descolada on 3 Beat Breaks
Remix of Apricot Blake Jarrell and Starkid on 3 Beat Breaks
Remix of The Night Before by Jamie Stevens on Loöq Records
Remix of Clear the Skies by Marino Berardi on 19Box
Remix of Unspoken Words by Reza on Loöq Records
Remix of Purled by Ben Shaw on Kubist
Watership Down on Kubist
Bring It on Back on Spundae Records
Sunsicle on DJ Hyper's Fractured Mix on Bedrock Breaks
Sunsicle/Donner Pass on Bedrock Breaks
The Dive on Nick Warren's Reykjavik on Global Underground
This Is Momu on Afterhours on Global Underground
The Dive on Loöq Records
Remix of Mind Rewind by Cass on Sabotage
Remix of Levitate by Justin O'Brien & Jonanthan on Stellar
Kittyhawk on Functional Breaks
This Is Momu on Loöq Records
Remix of No Harm by Jondi & Spesh on Loöq Records