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OCTOBER 22, 2008
Momu's new artist album "Momentum" is out now on Loöq Records


Listen to the new DJ mix by Momu featuring tracks and remixes from the album here (and download the track list here)

OCTOBER 29, 2007
Momu's remix of Jan van Lier's "One Through Seven" on Loöq has big support from both the Balance and DJ pools ... the release date is Halloween proper and the original, dirty-monster-breaks Momu remix, and big-room-prog-trance remix from Dirtyhertz will all be available from Beatport. Take care ... this one is dangerous.

February 19, 2007
We have just updated our Download page with new vendors. Our newest store is, where you can buy a ringtone of Momu's track Hydergine. Indulge your customization fetish!

FEBRUARY 7, 2007
Loöq Records has just released another fantastic single from the Momu album. The track is Mavericks, and the remixes from The Decorators and Jeff Devas must be heard to be believed. Over the top quality!

FEBRUARY 1, 2007
Happy New Year from Momu! We're well into 2007, and Momu is well into their 2nd album. So far there are some breakbeat barnstormers, some slow funky grooves, some mercurial mentalism, and a number of collaborations with vocalist / songwriter Alysoun Quinby (vocalist from Momu's classic track "The Dive").

FEBRUARY 1, 2007
Momu's track Söl-R will receive its debut release on the Italian label TIME on Raz Degan's East West Gallery compilation. Check out the insane analog keyboard riff, and learn to say hello in Japanese!

september 25, 2006
Momu live at Mighty Saturday 10/28 for Opel Halloween, "Night of the Living Bass". Here's the flyer!

SEPTEMBER 15, 2006
Momu live on the laptop this coming Wednesday 9/20 at Qoöl (111 Minna in San Francisco) ... an early set with some brand new downtempo works in progress. Momu has a massively infectious tune called "Truckin'" that they may very well bust out for this set.

JULY 10, 2006
Catch a hot new live Ableton set from Momu next Friday, July 21, at Mighty (119 Utah) in San Francisco.

In other news, Fretwell's mix of Hydergine is right on target. You can get it on iTunes here: Momu

Don't miss the wacky Jondi & Spesh mix as well ...

May 8 , 2006
This Thursday (May 11) Momu is opening for Junkie XL at Ruby Skye in San Francisco. Jondi & Spesh will be DJ'ing as well (it will be a busy night for Jondi). Momu will be debuting their new, unsigned track "The Barn" for the first time in front of a crowd ... it's an uptempo "spy breaks" monster with a larger than ususal dose of Momu production strangeness. We hope to see you there! Here's a link to the event details.

APRIL 24, 2006
This happened so fast we forgot to mention it. Momu's track "Sunsicle" from the new album was recently featured on the TV show "CSI." That would be CSI Vegas (aka the good one). For you serious CSI fans, that's episode 616 - rewind that TIVO.

"Sunsicle" has definitely been making the rounds ... it was also featured on Channel 4's promo spot for the crazy UK telepath/magician Derren Brown. Check out the spot.

february 14, 2006

Momu is playing at Speed in LA on Friday the 14th, at King King. Here's the flyer. We'll be doing an Ableton set with album material, unreleased originals, some mashups, and a few other favorite top-notch tracks. If you haven't checked out our album yet, have a listen on Beatport and buy a track or two if you hear something you like, we could use the support!

february 28, 2006
Album release is today ... thanks everyone for the overwhelming support. Special thanks to Jack at KSZU for having us on the show yesterday, to Proton for the featured artist last week, to Frisky for the upcoming featured artist (we've done an exclusive mix for Frisky which is really fun), and thanks in advance to Shawn at KALX who we'll be seeing next week. Also Spesh and Jackie at Loöq deserve special mention, they've done tons of hard work to release and promote this album in a top notch fashion.

FEBRUARY 13, 2006
News! Yes ... news indeed, the big news is that our album is coming out in two weeks (Feb. 28th on Loöq Records). We've been working grueling hours in the studio putting together some really sick mixes for you all, you'll hear them on Proton Radio, on Digweed's show & podcast, on Frisky, on Thumpfunk ... all of them different. Been going DEEP into Ableton (really fun, incredibly finicky and crude at times, as software) to get the sounds we want. Looking forward to the release party at Qoöl on 3/1 (Momu album available for sale, first five sold get a free drink) and opening up for Nick Warren at Mezzanine on 3/17. Hope you like the album ... email us and let us know what you think. - Jondi

october 28, 2005
Mark's recent Thumpfunk set posted on the Download page, grab it while you can.

September 29, 2005
New 2 Hour set by Mark to air on XM Satellite Radio Thumpfunk Show ( Times: Friday 9/30 8AM-10AM PST, and Thursday 10/6 and 9PM-11PM PST, XM Channel 80

september 8, 2005
Momu debut artist album "Momu" signed to Loöq Records, for release in March 2006. Click here to join the Momu mailing list.

september 8, 2005
Momu to play in Love Parade San Francisco (the Qoöl float).

July 23, 2005
Mark is a dad!

APRIL 11, 2005
Momu is recovered from Miami and hard at work in the studio ... Momu's debut artist album is in the works. The album will have a few Momu classics but will heavily feature ground-breaking new production work from Mark & Jondi.

MARCH 1, 2005
Catch Momu at the Winter Music Conference at "Association" at the Leslie Hotel Friday March 25.
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january 31, 2005
Upcoming Momu releases:

RND() - Burn (Momu Remix) - sample
Loöq Records (release date April 18, 2005)

Jacob Todd & Jordan Nafie - Malta (Momu Remix)
Parabolic Records (release date TBA)

january 17, 2005
V2 of launched

DECEMBER 27, 2004
Momu delivers remix of RND() "Burn" to Loöq Records for release in early '05. Check da clip.

DECEMBER 27, 2004
Momu delivers remix of Jacob Todd's "Malta" on Seattle based Parabolic Records.

AUGUST 8, 2004
NuRepublic re-release of Momu's "The Dive" with Luke Fair remix is #2 on Balance chart.

JULY 20, 2004
Aduro remix contest update: Spundae Records has received over 100 excellent entries from all over the world. We've listened to all of them and have been blown away. We apologize for the delay in announcing a winner and release date (due to circumstances beyond our control). Thank you to everyone who put time and energy into remixing Aduro!

JULY 11, 2004
Mark Musselman of Momu drops a one hour mix on John Digweed's KISS 100 show.

JUNE 14, 2004
Momu's pending release on Spundae Records, Aduro (following up the massively successful "Bring It On Back") used on James Zabiela's upcoming Renaissance mix.

JUNE 14, 2004
Momu's "The Dive"(Loöq) used on MTV's Real World San Diego.

MAY 5, 2004
Momu to play with Way Out West 5/20/04 at Mezzanine in San Francisco. Check out the Spundae site for more deets.

APRIL 7, 2004 gives Momu's new original track "Descolada" a 9 out of 10 review. The Momu remix of Blake Jarrell & Starkid's Apricot is also stellar, using words like "carnage" to describe the Momu mix.

APRIL 7, 2004
Momu is interviewed for Zero Magazine. See how many names Jondi can name-drop from his own label in one sentence.

MARCH 29, 2004
Momu's remix of Marino Berardi's "Clear The Skies" on 19Box getting rave reviews (see this month's Urb, Mixmag, IDJ, Big Shot, Progressive-Sounds, BPM,, and M8).

MARCH 29, 2004
Momu's new single Descolada on 3 Beat Breaks rising high in the charts.

FEBRUARY 27, 2004
Momu is interviewed by iVibes. Learn about Mark's DJ riches and Jondi's left clavicle.

FEBRUARY 3, 2004
Momu - The Dive included on new Global Underground compilation Exposures.

JANUARY 7, 2004
John Digweed plays Momu mix of Jamie Stevens - The Night Before (Loöq) on KISS 100 show.

DECEMBER 27, 2004
Momu delivers remix of RND() "Burn" to Loöq Records for release in early '05. Check da clip.

december 20, 2003
Mark Musselman 2 Hour DJ Mix to air on XM Satellite Radio nationwide (Channel XM 80) Tuesday night 12/23/03.

november 11, 2003
Watership Down on Kubist receives massive support from Meat Katie, Rennie Pilgrem, John Digweed, Chris Fortier, Jerry Bonham, Hernan Catteneo, Cass, Moshic, and many others.

november 11, 2003 gives Momu's remix of Purled a glowing review.

september 26, 2003
Momu to play live at Spundae in San Francisco Friday Oct. 10.

september 26, 2003
Music by Momu to be included on upcoming Sony Playstation 2 game.

september 26, 2003
Momu and Grayarea write brilliant new track in marathon whiskey fueled 4pm to 4am session (temporarily entitled "Gromu").

september 20, 2003 launches! (designed by Chillbox Studios)

september 20, 2003
Music video for Momu - The Dive (directed by Kia Simon) cleared for airing on MTV and M2.

september 20, 2003
Momu Live at 111 Minna to air on Radio 1/BBC Annie Nightingale's show this Saturday night/sunday morning between 4.00 - 7.00AM BST.

september 20, 2003
Momu to remix Apricot by Blake Jarrell and Starkid for 3 Beat Breaks (UK).

september 20, 2003
Momu currently remixing Clear the Skies by Marino Berardi for 19Box (Japan).

september 20, 2003
Momu remix of Ben Shaw's Purled to be released on Kubist (UK).

september 20, 2003
Momu's Bring It On Back to be released on Spundae Records Sep. 23.

september 13, 2003
John Peel plays Bring It On Back (Spundae Records) on Radio 1 (BBC).

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